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On this page will be listed timely health care news, company recognition, and answers to frequently asked questions. This is a practical page to “bookmark” for the latest topics on health and holistic care.

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IAHM Welcomes Registered Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Patricia McAdam

IAHM is excited to welcome Patricia McAdam as an addition to our wellness team.

Originally from Montreal, Patricia’s initial interest in health and wellness
led her to complete a diploma as a Registered Nurse. Since moving to Vancouver, many years ago, she embarked upon a spiritual journey of personal development and exploration. Her quest for health and wellness and self discovery ignited a passion for alternative healing.

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IAHM Welcomes Registered Social Worker, Jennifer Jantzen

IAHM is excited to welcome Jennifer Jantzen as an addition to our wellness team.

Jennifer Jantzen is a registered social worker, registered clinical counsellor and a BCIA-EEG certified clinician for Neurofeedback. She brings 25 years of experience in working with clientele in both social services and health. She is also Reality Therapy certified, adding direct counselling skills to her clinical practice.

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IAHM Welcomes Certified Sports Nutritionist, Cara Roth

IAHM is excited to welcome Cara Roth as the newest addition to our wellness team.

Cara Roth grew up loving everything about food and desserts and fondly remembers when she was 3 years old,  sitting on her grandmother’s kitchen table and making cinnamon buns. Now Cara’s passion for food has led her  to become a Certified Pastry Chef and Raw Food Chef.

An interest in nutrition and health is what first drew her to raw food and to becoming a Certified Sports  Nutritionist. After graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Cell Biology and Genetics,  she is currently studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist to continue to meld the worlds of decadent  food with health and well-being.

Cara’s goal is to spread and share food that truly nourishes the body, mind, and soul.

Cara is available in our office on Tuesdays. For further information and availability please contact her at 778-847-1719.

IAHM Welcomes New Medical Members to the Team!

IAHM will be adding a fully Registered Psychologist and an Occupational Health Physician to the team. With the addition of the new members, more value-added services will be added for the benefit of insurers, employers, and claimants.

DLO Consultants re-brands as IAHM

We are excited to announce the re-branding of D.L.O. Consulting, Inc. into IAHM – Integrated Allied Health Management.

We are an industry-leading team of proactive health management specialists across Western Canada offering a personalized, cost-effective, and multi-disciplinary approach to disability management. As a people-based business model, IAHM has an excellent reputation for our responsiveness, reliability, and successful and sustained return to work programs.

IAHM’s Brand Promise: To Collaborate > Support > Advance all aspects of business operations, community involvement, and personal growth.
• Collaborating the overall wellness of the company by reducing human costs (injury + illness)
• Supporting the productivity of the workforce in a sustainable manner. To believe in oneself.
• Advancing the journey to the next growth level with improved employee relations and morale

On the Move

To better serve our growing customers throughout Western Canada, IAHM will be relocating to 1112 Austin Ave, Coquitlam BC commencing January 2011.