vocational rehabilitation

Accelerated Return-to-Work Strategy

At IAHM, we strengthen and customize return-to-work plans by reducing the impact of your company’s disability claims. Our strategy includes: work assessments, worksite or job-duty modification processes, job search assistance and training-on-the-job programs.

Vocational Assessment Services include:

  • Vocational Assessment and Planning
  • Counselling
  • Work Assessment
  • Work Site Job Modification
  • Job Readiness and Placement Assistance
  • Skills Development
  • Employability Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Independent Medical / Psychological Assessments

IAHM is an industry-leading team of proactive health management specialists across Canada


vocational rehabilitation savings

Studies have shown a 71% Cost Savings or a 47% Return-To-Work rate among workers referred for rehabilitation services within three months post-injury.
Results may vary from company to company and industry
Source: A Leading Retail Chain, Canada

Our Vocational Rehabilitation process involves:

  • Assisting an employee with a medical disability to adjust to their disabled condition
  • Recognizing and maximizing their financial, occupational and social goals
vocational rehabilitation

Confidence Builds the Team

Our team is committed to advanced solutions and innovative expertise in the disability management industry. We provide a comfortable and seamless “lifelong health and holistic” process for client’s policies and employee’s health care requirements. Consequently, we fulfill our brand promise of in-depth consultation and exceptional customer service by strategically researching, challenging and forecasting upcoming procedures and transitions.

We offer a variety of personalized services from a wide range of professionals with experiential backgrounds to expedite the transition of our claimants from disability to ability, and to accelerate their return-to-work and early prevention. Professional return-to-work and preventative support includes therapeutic recreation specialists, vocational experts, social workers, registered rehabilitation specialists, psychologists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, social workers, HR programs, worklife balance and more.

At IAHM, our accelerated return-to-work strategies are achieved by close collaboration with claimants, employers, associations, unions, medical practitioners and insurance companies.

Studies show that the claimant’s ability to return-to-work in the least amount of time is directly related to speed of recovery from illness or injury. Healthy, safe and productive employees are critical to efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s objectives and reinforces its core values.