occupational claims management

Reduce Costs of Claims and Build Team Strength

At IAHM, we effectively manage the cost of your team member’s work-related disability, illness, or injury through our quality assured claims management process. We have fully integrated our services to address the growing demand for comprehensive health care.

Occupational Claims Management include:

  • Customized reporting and detailed statistical data
  • In-depth injury reporting and consultation
  • Comprehensive claims management
  • Return-to-work organization and coordination
  • Investigation of relief costs
  • Management of appeals and hearings including written submissions and oral hearings with WorkSafe BC
  • Workplace assessment and recommendations
  • Workers’ Compensation claims management expertise
  • Claims investigations
  • Risk Management: to control claim costs and reduce employee absence rates due to occupational injuries
  • Implementation of injury management programs

At IAHM, our brand promise is to adhere to exceptional service, price and quality.


occupational claims management savings

Studies show 47% decrease in average duration of closed cases (38 days to 20 days). $4.1 million decrease in direct STD costs. 42% decrease in new LTD cases.
Results may vary from company to company

Source: A Leading Retail Chain, Canada

IAHM is a team of professionals who assist ill or injured employees within an occupational setting to:

  • Determine of Benefits Eligibility
  • Facilitate of Income Loss Replacement
  • Assist in Income Loss Claims Management
occupational claims management

Celebrating Strengths

At IAHM, our occupational claims management team of proactive specialists substantially reduces the recovery time of employees while streamlining the compensation claim process. Our main goal is to ensure the company’s productivity goals remain on target while assuring the health and safety of all team members remain top-of-mind.

We continually follow up and report on the claimant from Day One until the complete return-to-work process is achieved. Finally, we obtain relief of costs on claims where applicable to maximize savings for the company and to strengthen trust within the team.

Occupational claims can be caused by many work-related factors ranging from general hazards to unknown health and safety procedures at the work-environment. We can build strategies to reduce risks by reviewing the workplace environment, submitting core recommendations and empowering the team to celebrate individual strengths and, in turn, maximize the company’s return on investment.

At IAHM, our team focuses on the whole claims management process and develops programs to increase a claimant’s endurance, confidence and a safe return-to-work.

Our integrated, multi-disciplinary and customized approach exceeds our client’s expectations by collaborating, strengthening, and advancing the level of health care.