non occupational claims management

Proactive Intervention Strategies to Increase ROI

At IAHM, we understand the critical importance of early intervention and case management for disability, illness or injury, which are non-work related. Once assigned, our non-occupational claims management team is built to quickly mediate and control short term and long term disability claims costs while reducing the duration of the employee absenteeism.

Non-Occupational Claims Management Services include:

  • Proficient claims management
  • Personalized return-to-work strategies
  • Support and encouragement for employees, families and employers
  • Medical confidentiality for employees
  • Workplace accommodation services
  • Claims monitoring through ongoing liaison with insurance companies and employees

At IAHM, we offer the ability to become a single point of contact for your employee absences, disabilities and benefits payment information.

non occupational claims management savings

Studies shows $4 savings for every $1 spent (on the basis of direct expenditures and cost savings in terms of reduced absence days).
Results may vary from company to company

Source: A Major Oil Company, Global

non-occupational claims management

Research indicates that early intervention strategies are the cornerstone of disability management programs. We decrease the financial and labour costs by providing turn-key mediation in a timely and efficient manner, between claimants and their health practitioners, physicians and insurance companies.

At IAHM, our risk management strategy controls all non-occupational claims costs and employee absenteeism rates thereby allowing the company’s management team to focus on its operation objective and return on investments.

Non-work related illness, which increases employee absenteeism, might include: arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Non-occupational related injuries might include: sports activities, accidents, etc., which may also evolve into health-related illnesses and disabilities.

Employers face a number of financial costs when dealing with non-occupational injuries or absences. In fact, Canadian corporations spend billions of dollars every year due to increased premiums short term and long term disability costs, loss of productivity, training costs, and more.

Therefore, the environment surrounding non-occupational problems may arise from the higher frequency of illnesses caused by clinical depression, cancer, high blood pressure, as well as the aforementioned.

The success of reducing a company’s non-occupational claims is rooted in the customization of an early intervention plan, thereby minimizing risk while boosting overall productivity.