disability management

Reaching Maximum Health and Productivity

At IAHM, our core preventative training utilizes occupational health and productivity, coaching on employee benefit plans such as short term disability, workers’ compensation, and long term disability.

Disability Management Services include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Coaching on Employee Wellness
  • Substance Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Implementation of Wellness Programs
  • Attendance Management
  • HR and Industrial Relations

IAHM collaborates with all stakeholders, strengthens business productivity, and advances healthy workplaces.

IAHM’s goal is to develop a healthy workplace and productive return-to-work plans.

lost time reduction and short term disability

Studies show occupational lost time reduced from 1.4 hours (per 100 hours worked) to 0.6 hours in seven years.
Results may vary from company to company

Source: Large Steel Process Company, Ontario

IAHM is a team of professionals who assist ill or injured employees within an occupational setting to:

  • Determine of Benefits Eligibility
  • Facilitate of Income Loss Replacement
  • Assist in Income Loss Claims Management

disabilitiy payments to workers compensation

Worklife Balance for Employee Retention

IAHM professionals are responsible for the coordination of employee health care services throughout the complete claims management process: from the onset of injury or illness to a safe return-to-work, or optimal alternative.

We are determined to provide integrated health care solutions and disability management services to achieve quality care delivered in a cost-effective manner.

At IAHM, we understand the process involved throughout the duration of a disability claim and ensure the most efficient solutions in every individual case.

A healthy workplace leads to stronger employee retention as well as improved productivity and developed staff morale. The areas of service include: occupational and non-occupational claims management, intake assessments, psychological assessments, vocational rehabilitation, early assistance, and more.

Our goal is to achieve maximum health and productivity at the workplace; therefore, we work with experts such as: therapeutic recreation specialists, vocation experts, social workers, psychologists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, registered rehabilitation professionals, etc.

Our return-to-work and prevention programs are customized to suit the needs of the employer with the message that employees are valued.