IAHM is excited to welcome Patricia McAdam as an addition to our wellness team.

Patricia McAdamIAHM Welcomes Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Patricia McAdam

Originally from Montreal, Patricia’s initial interest in health and wellness led her to complete a diploma as a Registered Nurse.

Since moving to Vancouver, many years ago, she embarked upon a spiritual journey of personal development and exploration. Her quest for health and wellness and self discovery ignited a passion for alternative healing.Out of a desire to create greater purpose and fulfillment in her life, and as a result of taking life changing workshops, she discovered the powerful techniques of NLP and Hypnotherapy and completed a Hypnotherapy Certification in the UK. She eventually completed her Master NLP Practitioner and Master Hypnotist Certifications.

Her background in Nursing is an excellent compliment to her NLP and Hypnotherapy training and allows her to provide a more in depth coaching experience to her clients.

Patricia’s purpose is to empower every client she works with and set them up for success in all areas of their lives.