Quality Assurance Program

IAHM is dedicated to consistently exceeding industry standards of quality and consistency. The Quality Assurance Program allows our team of health care specialists to ensure the delivery of first class service and professionalism. Our quality assurance program provides insurers, employers, and claimants with the confidence they will be provided an optimal health care solution moving the focus from disability towards ability. IAHM’s ability-focused process of peer review, professional collaboration, claimant education and communication offers a valuable resource and cost-effective health care solution.

Standardized Services
The diverse expertise of IAHM’s professional team allows for the delivery of a superior health care product. This professional diversity has however presented the need for the standardization of services. All communications, documentation and correspondence with accounts are standardized across our professional team. This allows for the confidence and security the account will be provided with consistent, quality service independent of the expertise and background of the health care professional.

Ongoing Training
Internal professional training occurs on a weekly basis at IAHM. Our professional team is required to participate in both creative and academic pursuits, which lend to improved judgment and resourcefulness through the health care management process.

Professional Collaboration
Multidisciplinary collaboration is used upon referral as a catalyst towards directing the primary assessment and management of a file. Our professional health care team provides an initial file review to determine which health care consultant is best suited to the management of the file.

Primary assessment includes initial contacts, initial assessment, standard communication requirements, medical or vocational coordination and delivery, return to work / case coordination, reporting, and case administration.

Evaluating for Excellence (Peer Review)
The evaluation of the health care consultant takes place on a quarterly basis. Incentives are offered based upon account and claimant feedback, adherence to timelines and the completion of an action plan consistent with the demands of the file.

Evaluation includes: service quality, accomplishments, billing management, goals and objectives.

Company-Wide Procedures
The Director of Operations ensures all standard practices and procedures are followed by the IAHM health care team. Directives are standardized among employees to ensure the administration of quality, consistent service above industry standards.

File Audits
• Completed throughout the company and performed by senior members of the health care consulting team.
• Assist the Quality Assurance division in reviewing and analyzing quality trends that assist in planning and implementing staff training.
• Identifying areas needing improvements.
• Evaluating and measuring how practice standards result in better outcomes.

Customer Benefits
IAHM is focused on quality assurance with the intent of reducing risk and exposure to the referral source. Quality and service-focused procedures allow for more efficient return to work timelines.