Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

IAHM – Integrated Allied Health Management (previously known as DLO Consulting) has evolved into an industry-leading team of proactive specialists across Western Canada offering a personalized, cost-effective, and multi-disciplinary approach to disability management. Using a people-based business model, we have an excellent reputation for our responsiveness, reliability, and successful and sustained return-to-work programs.

With a goal to position ourselves as a BC industry leader in health care management, we will promote the latest holistic knowledge in combination with a hybrid of universal health care treatments, i.e., both medical and holistic care. The new IAHM business model will offer a broader range of consultation services for insurers, employers, and claimants.

Vision – Business
The new IAHM is a boutique disability management firm with a solid history of delivery on our promises to target audiences (insurers, employers, and claimants). We currently have over ten consultants throughout BC providing disability management services to select claimants.

Vision – Health Care
IAHM provides a comfortable and seamless “lifelong health and holistic” process for our clients’ policies and claimants’ health care requirements. Consequently, we fulfill our brand promise of high quality consultation and exceptional customer service by strategically researching, challenging and forecasting upcoming procedures in the health and holistic care industries. IAHM is a client-centric team of health consultants that exceeds the target audience’s expectations by collaborating, strengthening, and advancing the level of health care.

IAHM offers a variety of services from a wide range of professionals with experiential backgrounds to expedite the transition of our clients from disability to ability. Professional support includes therapeutic recreation specialists, vocational experts, social workers, registered rehabilitation specialists, psychologists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, social workers, and more.

For additional benefits to our target audience, IAHM offers a fully Registered Psychologist and Occupational Health Physician as part of our team.

Strategic Alliances
Key relationships have been and will continue to be one of the core strengths of IAHM’s accomplishments. The team is dedicated to continuously improve upon all aspects of worklife balance. Our consultants have exceptional customer relationship management skills and have built a successful network by embracing challenging cases and transforming them into an inspired and motivated workforce.

Mission Statement

• To provide systems of health care beyond traditional models by continuously improving upon all facets of the health care / holistic industry.

• To streamline the “Condition to Treatment” or “Disability to Ability” processes by establishing a more efficient and effective recovery program to accelerate mutual success of all parties.

Vision Statement

• Streamlining the delivery of disability management services to our target audiences will enable IAHM to build upon our brand promise of providing exceptional SPQ.
• IAHM will continue to empower our team members to relentlessly pursue excellence in health care and wellness – total system (mental, physical, spiritual).

Core Values | Philosophy

Ownership – Our team has complete accountability, profound respect, solid principles, and strength of conviction, liability, and pride in our work while exceeding expectations with a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Unification (Hybrid) – Our system is a careful blending of two or more health care systems; Medical + Holistic, Western + Eastern, Traditional + Natural, Physical + Spiritual, Reactive + Proactive, Productivity + Meaningful, Team Goals + Individual Goals, and Corporate + Community

Passion – Driven to exceed expectations, build relationships, and convey a strong commitment to excellence with continuous improvement upon existing process, policies and procedures