Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Claims Management Non-Occupational Claims Disability Management
Vocational Rehabilitation At IAHM, we strengthen and customize return-to-work plans by reducing the impact of your company’s disability claims. Our strategy includes: work assessments, worksite or job-duty modification processes, job search assistance and training-on-the-job programs.
Occupational Claims Management At IAHM, we effectively manage the cost of your team member’s work-related disability, illness, or injury through our quality assured claims management process. We have fully integrated our services to address the growing demand for comprehensive health care.
Non-Occupational Claims At IAHM, we understand the critical importance of early intervention and case management for disability, illness or injury, which are non-work related. Once assigned, our non-occupational claims management team is built to quickly mediate and control short term and long term disability claims costs while reducing the duration of the employee absenteeism.
Disability Management At IAHM, our core preventative training utilizes occupational health and productivity, coaching on employee benefit plans such as short term disability, workers’ compensation, and long term disability.


We are an industry-leading team of proactive health management specialists offering a personalized, cost-effective, and multi-disciplinary approach to disability management, and we have multiple locations spread across Western Canada.

A people-based business model, IAHM has earned an excellent reputation regarding responsiveness, reliability, and successful, sustained return-to-work programs.

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